The sudden appearance of an Albanian woman (Vera) in a coastal town causes that Jordi, recently arrived from Argentina to attend the funeral of an important Minister, decides to investigate the past of his father Pau, who disappeared 20 years ago and whom everyone has left him for dead.

Diego, his cousin, son of the deceased Valencian politician and now turned into a wandering writer who lives retired in a village in Perpignan, helps him. Together they will go against the clock to find Pau, who tried to escape from the country with Tirana, Vera’s mother, in order to help her free herself from the criminal organization that had subjected her to the practice of prostitution.

Jordi’s will to reach the end of the thread of a plot that mixes murderers, corrupt and pimps feeds on the need to know the authentic story of his father, for which he must dig in the ashes of the past: the forgotten Bakalao Route , the run-down hostess club, the extensive rice fields that delimit the town … and the only one who could know the truth about its buried story is Vera, the mysterious girl who appeared at the Conseller’s funeral.